Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome Back!

*Clears her throat*

 I say it more to myself than anyone else. If anyone remembers I used to write a WoW blog a long time ago (in internet years, a year = 10 years), called Gun Loving Dwarf Chick.

A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally killed the site. Which I find very ironic, since the need to return to the site was increasing.

I tired to return to my old blogger site, but soon realized one of the reasons I stopped writing on my original site was due to my change of interests in toons and in game. Thus Game Loving Geek Chick was born.

This time around, we are going to keep it simple. A free site. No fancy plugins and time wasting on code. Going to write and post and that is it.

What to expect from this small space? Rambling on WoW mostly, any other games I may pick up and general geeky goodness I stumble across (this may translate into an unhealthy amount of i haz cheeseburger pics).

I hope you come for the beer and stay for the company!

*Hugs the interwebs*


  1. What Tami said. And Yay! and...FREE BEER????? :D :D :D

  2. But of course? What is your choice, good sir?

  3. @Bundle, Brad and Aoirselvar:

    Thanks so much! *Hugs*

  4. Yay! Good to see you back Bre! :)

    Funny you mention toon switching. I've gone and semi abandoned my hunter in favor of a Priest -and- Tankadin! *shameface*

  5. @Sunny

    No shameface! I did the same thing! Went to my priest and am in the process of leveling my pally. She is seriouly making me thinking of *gasp* tanking. So who knows, we might end up being twins!

  6. You should pally tank! It's fun! IMO of course. Some people look at the idea of tanking and think, zomg, you're nuts if you think that's fun.

    But seriously, being the last alive on Garfrost while he's still got 56k health left, switching to Seal of Light, judge light, and finding out that 'threat' tanking spec really paid off for DPS? Priceless. (Heroic PoS. We had a terrible terrible priest:()

    Yes, pally tanking is fun. *grin*

  7. @Sunny

    The more I play her, the more I am thinking of getting over my fear of tanking and going RAWWRRRR. You would think after healing and running raids this wouldn't scare me as much as it does. I guess it is the "first into the fire" feeling that I need to get over.

    One thing I totally am in love with is how freaking hard it is to kill a pally. I can only imagine the rush you felt at the end of that fight!

  8. I know where your mindset is about tanking. I was SO there.

    I leveled her as prot though, till 40, then went dual. I tanked from level 20 onwards, and told people in randoms: This is my first pally tank, be gentle. If you have any advice, I would be greatful.

    PS: At the end of that Garfrost kill, I was totally psyched. Hell yes. *Grin*

    And with those words at the start of a run, things tended to go swimmingly well. I learned a lot, met a lot of good people, and generally just had a lot of fun. :) Funnily enough, I tended to have far less fun running in randoms as ret on those days I didn't feel like tanking. Usually turned out with an 'I shoulda just did this myself'.

    Probably the hardest part is knowing you're in charge of the run by default. Which stinks if you don't know an instance well enough to know where to go! (RFK, RFD, BRD Emp run, I'm looking at you, you ugly, confusing, instances!)

    Eventually, you learn the pulls and instances well enough, that in some cases, you stop some (not all) LoS pulling and just charge in, throwing your shield, and know you know what you're doing, no matter how badly behaved DPS gets. :)

  9. @Sunny

    Yes, I think you nailed it. I am really afraid of leading the group, when I am not totally familiar with all the mob mechanics and the what needs to die first.

    But I think it is same fear I had when I first started to heal (must have forgotten how that felt). You are responsible for others, except this time, they are going to look at you from the very beginning, instead of looking at you after they died or just saved their butts.