Monday, August 2, 2010

CC Me, Baby

I am not a huge lover of change, but I adapt.  I accept and I move on.  Remember downraking?  There was a time in the past when I thought I couldn’t heal without doing it.  It was how I learned and now Blizz was taking it away from me! How would I survive!  I didn’t freak on the web, or in-game.  Most didn’t even know I had reservations. 

Like most things with WoW, and in life, you just have to wait and see.  I waited and when downraking died, I was surprised to feel only the slightest twinge of pain at its lost.

This includes a multitude of other things which have changed since WoW inception, such as raid sizes, daily quests, LFG, character transfers, faction transfers, etc.

My husband, Luis spend a couple of days freaking out over the new talent trees and such, with me just saying, “You have no idea how it is going to work in the big picture.  Wait for the game, then freak if your class still sucks.”

He finally understood when he heard it from others.  Now I have a small confession. 

I didn’t like Wrath of the Lich King.  Sure it brought some cool things, like phasing and LGF, and dual talents, but it took away something I thought I never would miss: Crowd Control.

As I drove to my sister-in-law’s house yesterday, Luis and I somehow got into the discussion and the nerd rage spiked. Good thing AJ was asleep. 

Crowd Control is important.  It brings another layer of difficulty to the game now sadly lacking.  I hate that I can go into an LFG pug and no one even speaks. It is just AOE pull after AOE pull.  There isn’t any finesse, any strategy, any real skill.  It is just button mashing at is finest, while eating a sandwich and watching The Bachelor.

A small part of me died the other day when I went into a group and did Repentance.  Someone asked me what spell was that and what did it do.


What the hell!  When did we allow an entire expansion generation to go almost two years without even knowing what constitutes a CC spell and how it is used.

Another bit of my hunter pride whimpered when traps are only used in specific raid encounters.  Part of this change in CC philosophy killed my desire to play Bre.  I loved trapping.  There is a rush of knowing I was responsibility for a mob, dpsing and making sure the CC didn’t break.   It adds suspense, challenge and awareness. I was proud of my ability, only to have it voided by the game itself.

It made my heart sick.  And also removed some of my joy at playing. 

I have heard through out the time Wrath has been out, Blizzard is thinking of bring CC back.

Yes. Blizz. Do it. 

Make me CC. I beg you. I want it.  I want to know I can’t WTFPWN something just by grouping all the mobs together and spamming a couple of buttons.  I want to see saps, sheeps, shackles, banshed demons and  repented sinners; I want to see Oh Shit Death Grips done right, and awesome cyclones. I want to see frost traps and stuns.  I want to hear, “Hurry up! My sap is going to expire in 3 seconds.”

Bring it, Blizz, bring it.  We can handle the job. 


  1. Pretty sure Cataclysm will grant your wish. :)

  2. I really hope so, Kes. I really, really hope so.

  3. With you on this. I thought I had heard people had to cc a bit in Ruby Sanctum *GASP!*.

  4. ICC 5 mans were supposed to bring back some CC. Some groups use it out of necessity, some have DK's with a clue and don't need it.

    ICC raid, blood wing? Yeah, we aren't ashamed to say we CC one of the trash mobs each in some of the packs.

    Ruby Sanctum? Necessary on some of the trash packs too.

    It's at the end of the expansion, but at least blizz did reintroduce it. To an extent. :)

  5. I never got to high level play until Wrath, but I gotta say... I like the idea of CC, but not how it has been done in the past.

    In the past you brought a mage, a priest, or a hunter as your DPS cause... well... you needed CC. (or so I hear)

    They're adding more CC to other classes, but I want ways to do these new instances without someone getting kicked because we have no CC.

  6. @ Revoemag

    Lol, I saw my husband actually use a Frost Trap during one of his fights in ICC and almost feel out of my chair.

    Though, he made me laugh and groan when he said the other hunter said, "Wait a sec, I need to put it on my tool bar."

  7. @Sunny:

    Agreed. I have seem CC used a couple of times during ICC and I happy to hear it is being used in Ruby. I know they are mentioned in the past they want to bring that element back and I think we will be seeing more of it in Cat. Just now, the only time you can see it is in the raids.

    I haven't seen anyone use them in the ICC 5 mans, but then again, I only started to do them and everyone I run with is pretty overgeared for the encounter. Didn't they also nerf them a little bit after they came out? Can't remember since it during my hiatus.

  8. @Jardal:

    I can totally see where you coming from sir. And my response to you is going to be another post because it is too long for a comment.


  9. ICC 5 mans, it totally depends on the group makeup. I run a lot of xrealm randoms, so it's always a mixed bag.

    So, here's the list.

    FoS: Those evil 5 pack pulls where at most you can get 4 of the 5 together. Unless you're a DK tank. Or have a DK or clueful mage or clueful rogue in your group. It's very rare to see any of the clueful sorts, unfortunately. This necessitates 1 humanoid type CC.

    PoS: Undead type CC on hill packs. Again, just 1 mob if your tank type can't pull them together, or you lack the requisite clueful sorts of DPS with the ability to interrupt/silence/death grip.

    HoR: Undead CC. Beyond useful if you can CC mages and/or hunters when you have DPS that doesn't cooperate in LoSing the mobs up where your tank can smack them. Only useful in first 10 waves. Mind you, if you lack the clueful DPS that will LoS the mages and hunters, you're less likely to see them CC as well. But it occasionally happens. ;)