Monday, August 23, 2010

How New Parents Can Annoy Guildies

I am learning the hard way; and because I don’t want this to happen to you, I am sharing my trials and tribulations.

  1. Tell them again and again and again if you ask to run any heroics, you would love to but if the baby wakes up you will have to leave.  (They freaking know you have a kid under the age of 5 months.  Just leave and then say you are sorry.  No details needed.  Of course if the house is burning down, it might be helpful to tell them, in case you can’t get to the phone to call for assistance.)
  2. Talk about ANOTHER 500th cute (only to you at this point) story about how the baby blew a fart.
  3. You attempt to resist but still fail,and talk about how adorable said child is at this moment while he sucks on his toes.  (Honestly, they don’t care. Especially if they don’t have children or under the age of 25.  The concept and awww factor is limited to those who are ready for kids, have them or love puppies)
  4. Don’t try to run a heroic or raid with your partner, EVER. Even if the baby is asleep.  Both times Luis and I have attempted this, it has resulted in apologizes, emergency feedings and one-handed game play.
    1. Talking about one-handed game play. It is totally possible to quest one-handed while cradling a sleeping baby in your other arm.  Tools needed:  An armed chair and a pillow for comfort.  Or in my husband case, one arm cradling while resting AJ on the Boppy pillow I used a total of three times during leave.
  5. Limit the baby aggro jokes.  Again this falls into “while your world has changed mine has not” category for others.  They don’t need another reminder you have a little one.
  6. Don’t put the wailing child on vent. 

This is our gaming Public Service Announcement for new parents.  What other tidbits do you want to share?

PS. I wonder if there is a new parents gaming support group? You know where child crazy gamers can annoy the shit out of EACH other instead of others.


  1. I find the entire thing entertaining. Your all like part of the family now. We should even create a spot for AJ in the guild. Give him his own login to the forums etc. Cause if this game is around by the time he's 4 or 5 he'll want to play.

  2. LOL sir, you are the best. Thanks for understand the "parentitis" Luis and I are both experiencing and never thought we would fall victim to, goes to show you shouldn't roll your eyes at parents who talk to much about their kids, because when you have one, you are THAT guy.

    I think that would be hilarious. A level 1 gnome called Munchkin or Peanut :P

  3. I was pregnant with #2 when I first started playing WoW. But I think I relayed that sometime in the past here already. :)

    Anyways, I was guildless at first, but had found my most awesome guild about 3 weeks before I had #2. :) Many of them were parents already. Even the younger ones put up well with the 'baby afk', 'diaper duty afk', etc etc. One of them eventually nicknamed me Super 'mum (one of our aussies), because I would be bottle feeding wee one in a sling in my lap and still raiding MC with the guild. ;)

    It's what taught me how to play one handed, using only my mouse. It's also what turned me into a clicker. =) The only thing I could not do one handed was heal. I used something called Keyclick back then, which eventually turned into the Clique that we all know and love (Or at least me and many others. ;)

    As an FYI, the rambling off cute things the kids are doing in guild chat? It won't stop, no matter how old they get. ;) The munchkins are now 5 and 8 and my guildies still hear about the Grr (of Zimm the Invader fame) moments my 5yro has, or some of the utterly bizarre things both children manage to say sometimes. ;)

  4. @Sunny

    Okay this is awesome:
    "One of them eventually nicknamed me Super 'mum (one of our aussies), because I would be bottle feeding wee one in a sling in my lap and still raiding MC with the guild. ;)"

    I haven't gotten there yet, but have moved from no WoW to at least being able to do some quests :D

    Hehe, so I am doomed to spend the cuteness. *resigns herself to her fate*