Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PSA for Scammers

Hello Mr. Scammer:

I received one of your lovely emails this morning, and in an effort to assist you into duping more individuals for your heinous deeds, I have a few sugguestions:
First the positives.
  • You managed to send it to the correct email account.  This may be because I was hacked a few months ago, and you guys have a swapping system going- don’t know- but good job!
  • You managed to write Blizzard Entertainment as the sender without a misspelling!  Way to go to make it look legit.
Now let us look at the negative:

Subject: Account Management

Blizzard Entertainment ✆
to me
show details 5:11 AM (5 hours ago)
world of warcraft: Cataclysm Beta Test Invitation!
(Really? You couldn’t capitalize World of Warcraft? It is a proper noun.)
Get those opt-ins ready for the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm closed beta! (New paragraph, you want this to stand out! It is after all carrot you are dangling!)The sundering of Azeroth is nigh, and you don’t want to be left out in  the cold of Northrend when you could be enjoying the sun-drenched beaches on the goblin isle of Kezan.( Nice imagery, too bad you guys are a bunch of soul-leaching assholes) To ensure you’re opted-in and eligible as a  potential candidate, you’ll need a World of Warcraft license attached to your account, have your current system specifications uploaded  to the Beta Profile Settings page, and have expressed interest through the franchise-specific check boxes.(Um, seriously, you are like 5 months behind.  This message would have been much more effective when Blizzard was actually asking everyone to update their Beta Profiles.)
Get the Installer - Log in to your account: (Link removed-good job here masking a legit looking address with your “take all your candles” site. )
** IMPORTANT ** To avoid graphical bugs and other technical issues, please ensure your video card drivers are up-to-date.
Enjoy the game!
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
(Blah, blah, blizzard address /wowindex/)  You guys did such a good job, just a few paragraph before, at least try  to hide your phishing site.

Overall, not the worst spam email I have encountered, but I would really work on trying to keep it consistent and current with the news.  You may return to your horrific practices. 
May murlocs eat your eyes, sewer scum.

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